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Mammoth Town Trolley | Summer

The summertime free Town Trolley operates daily, as follows:

  • May 15 – November  every 30 minutes from 7:00 am until 2:00 am. 
Mammoth Summer Transit Map
A colorful map showing the summer transit routes for Mammoth Lakes, California, with symbols for stops, points of interest, and services.
Stop #LocationFirst BusLast Bus
2OMR / Ranch Road7:00am1:30am
3Old Mammoth Rd / Minaret / Snowcrk7:01am1:31am
4Minaret / Meadow Ln7:01am1:31am
49Meridian / Sierra Star7:02am11:32pm
50Meridian / Tennis Village7:02am11:32pn
51Meridian / Lodestar7:03am11:33pm
JSRJuniper Springs Resort7:05am11:35pm
51Meridian / Lodestar7:06am11:36pm
50Meridian / Tennis Village7:06am11:36pm
49Meridian / Sierra Star7:07am11:37pm
48Meridian / Joaquin7:08am11:38pm
47Meridian / Lupin7:09am11:39pm
46Meridian / Manzanita7:09am11:39pm
63Azimuth / before Meridian7:10am11:40pm
5Chateau / East of Azimuth7:11am1:32am
7OMR / Cheatau7:11am1:33am
8OMR / Meridian / Carls7:13am1:34am
9OMR / Meridian7:13am1:34am
10OMR / Park and Ride7:13am1:34am
11OMR / Gateway Ctr7:14am1:35am
12Main St. / Laurel Mt. Rd7:14am1:35am
13Main St. / Post Office7:15am1:36am
14Main St / Sierra Blvd7:15am1:36am
15Main St. / Mountain7:15am1:36am
16Main St / W of Frontage Rd7:16am1:37am
17Main St / east of Minaret Rd7:16am1:37am
Village/CanyonVillage – Canyon Blvd7:20am1:40am
70Canyon Blvd / Horsehoe Dr.7:20am11:50pm
71Canyon Blvd / W of Convict Dr.7:21am11:51pm
72Canyon Blvd / Forest Trail7:21am11:51pm
73Canyon Blvd / Mammoth West Condo7:22am11:52pm
Canyon LodgeCanyon Lodge7:23am11:53pm
74Lakeview Blvd / 18497:23am11:53pm
75Lakeview Blvd / Mtn Back7:24am11:54pm
76Lakeview Blvd / Jahan7:24am11:54pm
77Lakeview Blvd / Seasons4 1857:24am11:54pm
78Lakeview Blvd / Lakeview Rd7:26am11:56pm
79Lakeview Blvd / Crestview7:26am11:56pm
80Lakeview Blvd / Lakeview Villas7:26am11:56pm
81Lakeview Blvd / Ski & Racquet7:27am11:57pm
82Lakeview Blvd / Canyon Blvd.7:27am11:57pm
Village/MinaretVillage – Minaret Rd7:35am1:46am
17Main St / east of Minaret Rd7:36am1:47am
16Main St / W of Frontage Rd7:36am1:48am
15Main St opposite Joaquin7:36am1:48am
14Main St / Manzanita7:37am1:49am
13Main St across from Post Office7:37am1:49am
12Main St at Laurel Mtn Rd7:37am1:50am
11Old Mammoth Rd at Rite Aide7:40am1:50am
10Old Mammoth Road at Rafters7:40am1:50am
9Old Mammoth Rd north of Meridian7:41am1:52am
8Old Mammoth Rd south of Meridian7:43am1:52am
7Old Mammoth Rd north of Chateau7:43am1:53am
6Mammoth Creek Park7:43am1:54am
5Chateau / Azimuth7:44am1:54am
63Azimuth / before Meridian7:44am11:54pm
46Meridian / Manzanita7:45am11:55pm
47Meridian / Lupin7:45am11:55pm
48Meridian / Joaquin7:46am11:56pm
4Minaret / Meadow7:49am1:55pm
3Old Mammoth Rd / Minaret7:50am1:55pm
1OMR/Ranch Rd.7:52am1:57am