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Red Line

The Village ‚ÄĒ Main Lodge starts November 10, 2023.

The Red Line operates 7 days per week from 7:00am until 5:30pm. The Red Line provides service throughout town via Old Mammoth Road and Main Street traveling between the Community Recreation Center, The Village, and Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge.

The first departure from is from the Community Recreation Center at 7:00am and the last departure from Main Lodge is at 5:30pm. On busy days, additional buses are operated on the Red Line.

While the scheduled times may not be met on these days due to congestion, the frequency that buses serve each of the stops is usually less than the scheduled 20 minutes.

The Red Line starts Friday, November 10, 2023.

Mammoth Lakes Winter Transit Map (PDF)


  • Red Line buses service each of the following stops¬†every¬†twenty¬†minutes,¬†beginning at the time listed in the 1st bus column.
Stop #LocationFirst BusLast Bus
106Community Recreation Center (Northbound)7:00 AM5:00 PM
4Minaret Rd/Meadow Ln
5Chateau Rd east of Azimuth Dr
6Chateau Rd
7Old Mammoth Rd/Cheatau Rd
8Old Mammoth Rd/Meridian Blvd/Carl's Jr.
9Old Mammoth Rd/Meridian Blvd
10Old Mammoth Rd/Tavern Rd7:05 AM5:05 PM
11Old Mammoth Rd/Grocery Outlet
12Main St/Laurel Mountain Rd
13Main St/Post Office
14Main St/Sierra Blvd
15Main St/Mountain Blvd
17Main St east of Minaret Rd
18The Village across from New York Deli7:15 AM5:15 PM
19Woolly's Tube Park
Main Lodge (arrive)Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Main Lodge
Main Lodge (depart)Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Main Lodge (Southbound)7:30 AM5:30 PM
19Woolly's Tube Park
Village/MinaretVillage ‚Äď Minaret Rd7:40 AM5:40 PM
17Main St east of Minaret Rd
16Main St west of Frontage Rd
15Main St opposite Joaquin Rd
13Main St across from Post Office
12Main St/Laurel Mtn Rd
11Old Mammoth Rd/Rite Aid
10Old Mammoth Road at Outbound Mammoth7:50 AM5:50 PM
9Old Mammoth Rd north of Meridian Blvd
8Old Mammoth Rd south of Meridian Blvd
7Old Mammoth Rd north of Chateau Rd
106Community Recreation Center
4Minaret Rd/Meadow Ln
5Chateau Rd/Azimuth Dr
6Chateau Rd east of Old Mammoth Rd
106Community Recreation Center