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Rider Etiquette Policy

SEATBELTS  When seatbelts are provided on ESTA vehicles it is the passenger’s legal responsibility to wear the seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion.

PASSENGER BEHAVIOR  All ESTA passengers are expected to exhibit appropriate social behavior while on the bus, interacting with the drivers or with other passengers. Behavior that distracts the driver or annoys other passengers is not permitted. This behavior includes but is not limited to:Smoking, Drinking, Eating, Littering, Abusive Language, Loud Music, Vandalism, Spitting and Leaving Seats While Vehicle is in Motion.

Solicitation is not allowed on ESTA vehicles.

DOGS  Animals are allowed on ESTA vehicles but they must either be caged or muzzled.

DENYING SERVICE  Use of ESTA vehicles can be denied on a one-time basis, for up to six month to any passenger who refused to stop any of the behaviors listed, upon request by the driver. Service can also be denied to any passenger that demonstrates violent or unruly behavior or insists on transporting prohibited items.

Service will be denied to riders who do not present the driver with the required fare.

Transportation or use of any controlled substance on the bus is subject to immediate removal from the bus.